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Switzerland commercial investment volumes

Modern Switzerland is a reliable and attractive country for investments in commercial real estate.
Commercial investment in Switzerland reached CHF3.9 billion in 2017.
Switzerland is seen consistently as an attractive location for commercial real estate investments due to the following advantages:
- Economic and political stability;
- Stable demand for commercial real estate;
- Stable rental rates.



Мы работаем на стороне покупателя / инвестора и представляем его интересы на рынке Швейцарии. Мы выбираем только самых надежных и проверенных партнеров, учитывая все тонкости и детали Швейцарского законодательства.

Подробнее об инвестициях в недвижимость в Швейцарии


  • Conservative strategy
  • Balanced strategy
  • Cost Growth strategy
  • Conservative strategy

    Minimal risks; long-term lease agreements; investment objects have average yield and high reliability.

    Conservative strategy
  • Balanced strategy

    low risks; medium-term lease agreements; balance of reliability and profitability.

    Balanced strategy
  • Cost Growth strategy

    Risks are moderate; objects with medium and low current profitability, but with the possibility of concluding long-term contracts and a significant increase in the profitability of objects.

    Cost Growth strategy

Индивидуальный подход с гарантией сохранения полной конфиденциальности.

Мы работаем как с базой существующих объектов, так и по индивидуальным запросам покупателей, подбирая объекты в соответсвии с выбранной стратегией.

Задать вопрос эксперту по комерческой недвижимости

Дополнительные услуги компании

Этапы работы по приобретению объекта

Назначить время для консультации
Часто задаваемые вопросы
How to evaluate commercial property?

1) Request for object dossier (from the owner or agency) with the following information: geographical location, object area, photos of the object, layout, primary yield calculation.

2) Analysis of the received information and the request for missing information about the object. Visiting the object.

3) Compilation of the final document on the object in the following format:
- The location of the object, including information about the city (region) in which the object is located;
- Strategic macro location (big cities nearby);
- Object area;
- Year of construction / years of renovation;
- Information about the owner;
- Price;
- Plot plan;
- Layout of the building;
- Net annual rent (before tax and insurance);
- Owner's expenses: current expenses and planned future expenses;
- Net yield;
- Reliability of tenants;
- Rent terms;
- Photos;
- Calculation of the object profitability.

How to calculate return of investment on your own invested funds?

The calculation of return on equity (ROI) takes into account the following parameters:
- Price;
- Net rental income;
- Operating and maintenance costs;
- % bank loan;
- Loan rate;
- Required own funds;
- Forecast value increase.

Who makes an assessment of commercial properties?

The economic evaluation of objects and the assessment of investment risks are carried out by professional financial analysts. To conduct a technical assessment, external experts from the selected area are involved. Legal expertise is carried out by highly qualified lawyers.

How much does the evaluation cost?

A detailed assessment of one property costs from 3,500 to 10,000 CHF, depending on the size of the object, the presence of a large number of tenants and the complexity of rental contracts.

Where can the evaluation then be used?

Evaluation is used to organize bank financing.
In all credit institutions such an assessment is a prerequisite for obtaining a loan for the purchase.
Only evaluations of qualified appraisal organizations are accepted for consideration.

What does the due diligence process involve?

• Technical analysis of the project with the involvement of specialists from the selected area,
• Economic analysis of the project,
• Evaluation of investment risks and independent evaluation of the project,
• Organization of all necessary consultations with the involvement of lawyers, auditors and other professionals.

Stages of the object acquisition

1) Definition of goals and investment strategies. First of all, you need to decide what risks you are willing to take (minimal, low, medium), as well as what level of profitability you are interested in. Based on the information received, we select the most appropriate strategy: a conservative, balanced, value-added strategy.

2) Selection of objects according to individual criteria. Selection of objects is carried out on the basis of the chosen investment strategy after the conclusion of the contract.

3) Coordination of dates, planning a study tour.

4) Evaluation of selected objects with the calculation of profitability. Object evaluation is carried out by professional financial analysts.

5) Assistance in opening settlement accounts in Swiss banks, if necessary.
Attention!!! Before entering the transaction, you should already have a Swiss bank account opened and the necessary funds raised!!!

6) Assistance with obtaining credit approval, which at current low interest rates significantly increases return on investment (ROI).

7) Stages and support of the sale transaction:
- Drawing up a power of attorney for our employees to represent your interests (if necessary);
- Drawing up a LOI (letter of intent) indicating the price and terms of the transaction for a suitable object.
- After accepting the conditions by the seller - drawing up a notarial sales contract (our lawyers will discuss with you the text of the contract) with simultaneous appointment of the date of the transaction;
- Transfer of your own funds to a notary account with simultaneous signing of a loan agreement.
- Signing the contract of sale.
* We provide professional translators at the time of signing the notarial deed if necessary;
Re-registration of ownership of real estate is carried out after receipt of funds from the buyer on the notary account, payment of taxes, notary services and services of SharonoFF SA.

8) If necessary - further management of the object.

9) Stage of return on investment, obtaining a stable income of 6-11% per annum.

What is the deal guarantee?

The transaction is guaranteed by a notary agreement registered in the state land registry with simultaneous transfer of ownership.


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